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Book My Show


Launched in 2007, BookMyShow has become India's largest entertainment ticketing portal. Through its website, customers can buy tickets to movies, plays, sporting events, concerts and more.  As it stands today, the highest number of tickets sold in a single month tallies to over 5 million.

Ashish Hemrajani

Ashish Hemrajani CEO

Ashish Hemrajani, Parikshit Dar and Rajesh Balpande co-founded BookMyShow in 2007. Prior to that, Ashish worked in advertising at J. Walter Thompson Associates, Parikshit worked at SPAR, and Rajesh worked at the Chatterjee Soros Group. All three attended the Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai University.


Deepak Gaur

Deepak Gaur Managing Director

Mukul Arora

Mukul Arora Managing Director